Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Submission Policy

If you are a developer or reader, you are encouraged to send me games to review. If you are a publisher, you are welcome to do so as well. However, there are rules.

1) The game must be for one of the following platforms: PlayStation 3, Wii, DS, PSP, gnu/linux, Mac OS X. For linux games, I have a decent enough rig that I regularly use for 3D programming. For OSX games, I have a Macbook--not pro. Neither my PS3, PSP, Wii, or DS is modded for homebrew.

2) The game must be the final release ("gold") version. A release candidate does not count. I'll make an exception for homebrew or opensource games that have an incremental development and release schedule--but don't send me v0.0.3a, it needs to be approaching 1.0.

3) If it's a commercial retail game sold in brick and mortar stores, it must be delivered physically in its retail packaging along with the manual. It must not be the collector's edition, limited edition, or anything of the sort--it's got to be the same one I'd get for $59.99 at WalMart. You can contact me for a shipping address.

4) If it's a commercial game, you must wait until the game is released in the US before sending it to me. Alternatively, you can send it early, but I won't post a review until on or after the US release date. I don't do previews.

5) If it's homebrew or downloadable, I'll jump through reasonable hoops to get it in terms of going to your website, filling in codes, etc. But, you must not require that I sign up for anything, give you a credit card number, or the like. If the game requires a paid account of some sort, you are welcome to limit the duration of my subscription, so long as I have at least one calendar month from the first day I log in.

6) If you send me physical media, and want them back, I'm happy to do so--especially if you're a gamer who sent me your copy. But, you must include an appropriate shipping package and self-addressed, prepaid shipping label. Think like Netflix: I want to drop the game in the box, and take the box to either the post office or a FedEx/UPS store. If you do not include the packaging and the prepaid label, you're not getting it back--I'm just that lazy.

7) Bribes must be in excess of $100US, in cash. Bribes smaller than the minimum will get your game panned, and your face called ugly. For each $100, I will leave out one bad thing I noticed while playing the game. Given that, if you feel that you need to bribe me for a good review, I think it's best to overshoot.

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